23 March 2017

Fresh Event


The Ill Vibe Connection is a music event that fuses genres of music from different markets. Accomodates everyone and yet introduces new sounds to different ears. This show gives a wide platform to artist, bands, dancers and general music lovers to express and connect with the artistry provided.

With all that being shared it boils down to the "Ill" (n. Slang) Meaning Dope, cool, tight, raw, phat, etc.... & Vibe (vb Noun)
A person's emotional state or the atmosphere of a place as communicated to and felt by others.

First Sundays will never be the same again.
We give you the first instalment of nothing but good vibes...
Great Music (Not what you hear on radio but what you most likely been sleeping on or rather been collecting for your personal music collection...) An afternoon thats got your 7 colour Sunday kos on lock ... where good company is what you bring with to eas the Sunday afternoon and meet old and new friends on a few drinks and convo before the week ahead kicks off..

Lets Vibe, as we give you a different feel to what music should sound like on a Sunday, every first Sunday...

- Activity -

Graffiti Tags will take place as the day commences. Witness talented graffers starting a creative peice to end and embrace the end result. Powered by the trackside collective.

*Cooler Boxes - R50
* Food & Drinks Sold @ Venue

Food Stalls admin@socialcommentaryforum.com

08 March 2017


- 2017 -

Seeing as the month of March is declared as Human Rights Month we went all the way in on the next release, not only by setting up the oppertunity to create History in SA Hip Hop but also by resurrecting a Legendary Emcee loved and known to many as Robo The Technician. You can take it as the God emcees second coming as we bringing him back with unheard verses that share nothing but what we belive this music should broadcast and that is Social Commentary.

This is no Ordinary track nor your ordinary collabo of simple minded rappers, If you know your SA Hip Hop then you would know the magnitude of this here fusion.
This is Hip Hop. Reality Rap. Social commentary coming to you from above and beyond.